Hitting refresh

Hi friends! Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted… a year and a half, to be exact. I could certainly blame it on laziness or a busy life, but I really think part of it is that I just haven’t felt like I’ve had fresh content that was worth sharing. I was starting to feel a bit constrained by the theme of my blog, which focused on lake living and goings-on at our lakehouse. While I love our life there, I felt like I was writing the same posts over and over again: here’s where we went on our boat, or here’s another view of the bayou, etc. Of course that IS a lot of how we spend our time at the lakehouse, but it felt a bit redundant and unnecessary to share on a blog. Plus there’s been so much more happening in life that didn’t really fit the lakehouse theme, but was still significant and meaningful.

For instance, a fairly major event that happened just recently was that we bought a home in Punta Gorda Isles, Florida. A home in the Sunshine State has been a distant life goal for several years – we knew that once we became empty nesters, we would want to have just one house in Michigan and one in a warmer climate. I thought we were still a few years away from accomplishing this, but all of a sudden the purchase of a Florida home happened really fast. Like, within a month’s time this past winter.

An early morning view of our canal in Punta Gorda Isles. Not a bad spot to sit and enjoy your morning coffee!

Soooo, we’ve been beyond excited and very focused on making this house our own. And while we’ll still spend summers (limited to weekends for the time being) in Spring Lake, we’re definitely dedicating plenty of time, energy and resources to the Florida house.

This dolphin followed us for quite a while during a boat trip on our first weekend at the house

The name of the house when we purchased it was “Dolphin Landing,” and you could certainly see why: there are dolphins everywhere. The previous owners were NUTS about dolphins. I’m talking dolphins etched into the front windows, dolphin tiles at the bottom of the pool, dolphin-embroidered bath towels, a “dolphins crossing sign,” dolphin toilet flusher, etc. You might have noticed the dolphin fountain gracing the pool in the top photo. And while we’re definitely planning on dialing back on the dolphin décor, we have decided to stick with the name, because what’s not to like about dolphins? In fact the weekend we closed on the house we went out for a boat ride, and some curious dolphins followed along for a while. It seemed like an omen (in a good way).

So while I’ll still keep sharing new and different activities around lake life, my renamed and redesigned blog will allow me to share a much wider range of lifestyle content, including fashion, travel, recipes, restaurant discoveries, beauty, and more (for instance, views of our canal! 😉). Stay tuned for more to come!