Welcome to the Lake House


This was my first attempt at chalkboard lettering. When I was younger I used to love playing around with hand lettering, but it’s been a long time and my skills are rusty. I was pretty pleased with these results, even though the word “welcome” goes on a downward slant. There are tons of chalkboard lettering tutorials out there in the blogosphere; I found a helpful one on this website.

chalk paint class
Here I am with my friends Norma and Jen showing off our finished chalkboards.

The frame was actually a DIY project too. Last winter my friends Norma and Jen and I did a chalk paint workshop at Bungalow 47, a little shop in our hometown. The class included the frame and supplies. I can’t remember the exact steps I used, but I know they involved two shades of chalk paint, glue and a hair dryer, and some dark rub. I’m going to contact the store to see if they can give me the written instructions. If they do, I’ll post them here. In the meantime, here’s a link to some tutorials on the American Paint Company (brand of chalk paint we used) website.

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