The Reading Glasses

imageThis guy fought reading glasses forever. He tried reading stuff at arm’s length for a while, then went through a phase where he’d just give up reading something and blame it on the size of the type. He finally caved and bought a few pairs. He actually tried sneaking them into the house and hiding them from me, but of course that didn’t work. He thinks they look dorky but I think they make him look distinguished.



Boat dog

We’ve never been able to take our lovable pooch Dagny on the boat, mostly because until this summer we were renting and couldn’t bring her with us to our little rented beach bungalow. This summer we’re able to have her with us, so it seemed more feasible. We weren’t sure though – she has a tendency to get carsick so that was a concern. She also has ZERO interest in going in the water. We finally took her out for a no-wake cruise last week and she boated like a champ! Actually she made herself right at home on the seat and pretty much chilled the whole time.

Boat dog

I don’t think we’ll be taking her out on the big lake any time soon, but she’s definitely going to be joining us on future Spring Lake jaunts.